Summer Design and STEM Camp

We offer in-person and online summer STEM camps for grades K-12! For the summer of 2020, our camp topics went virtual for the first time ever and worked beautifully for campers age 8 and up. We also offered STEM & LEGO challenge activity kits for kids age 5-9. For 2021 we will offer in-person camps for 2 or 3 weeks in July and virtual camp topics in June, July and August.

In-person camps: Topics will range from introductory to very advanced levels appropriate for college and career preparation and include electronics, robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, coding, 3D computer modeling and printing, and others.

Online camps: Topics will include graphic design and animation, coding, 3D modeling, engineering design challenges and others.

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I would like to take a moment to thank your organization for all of the financial assistance you have extended to my family and specifically to my daughter S. Robotics and Beyond has been the high point of her summers for the past few years and she looks forward to being with other children her age with similar interests and abilities.

Parent of a 10th grade camper -

Thank you very much for soliciting our feedback. H. is happy to have made friends with another 10 year old whom she likes very much. She is enjoying all her classes, especially soldering, where she enjoys the content and very much enjoys the teacher. [She] mentioned that there are far more male teachers than female, so we told her that there is a future opportunity for her!  At dinner we talk about each of her classes and she enthusiastically shares her day with us. This is not the typical response after a day at school! Thank you for the very special opportunity that you have created for our children!  (I’m a former school board president (White Plains, NY) and very appreciative of educators!)

Parent of 10 year old girl in the RAB summer camp -

As always, my boys really enjoyed camp! N. maintains his enthusiasm for being a mentor (and for organizing LEGOs), which is significant as he tends to avoid interaction with “new” people…and almost always prefers to stay home rather than go out! I think this has been a great experience for him, developing his confidence and social skills as well as his knowledge of technology. If you have a need (or even just space) for him this week, N. would love to return to camp as a mentor/assistant. He says he has more LEGO organization to do—LOL! But he has always enjoyed teaching others about STEM, especially younger kids.

Parent of a 16 year old boy and mentor and 12 year old brother in RAB’s 2018 summer camps -

My son, B., just completed a week at this year’s summer camp, and I wanted to thank Mr. Chayka and the mentors and volunteers for their support. B. was very nervous about attending camp and was unsure whether he could stay the entire day. The combination of exciting workshops and attentive support helped him overcome that anxiety and really enjoy his time at camp. After the first day, he went from being wary of the camp experience to being excited to go. In fact, he had such a good time, he is looking at which classes he can take in the Fall.

Parent of a 13 year old boy in his first week of summer camp -

Thank you so much for letting me volunteer at the Junior Camp this summer! I really cannot accept the money you gave me. It was my pleasure to help out and it was a wonderful learning experience. Please consider this as a donation to RAB.

14 year old girl, former camper and 30 hour volunteer in our summer camp -

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