ADVANCED ROBOTICS | Grades 9-12 | August 8-12 | Cost $440

Offered the week of August 8 – 12 from 9 am – 3 pm for students entering grades 9 – 12, or by permission

In our 2021 camp, our Advanced Robotics group began with a brand new, Power Wheels electric car and stripped it down to only the most basic parts. By adding sensors and microcontroller boards, and adapting steering and drive motors, the team succeeded in proving it could operate by remote control and in “autonomous mode” by responding to information received from its sensors. The workspaces and grounds of Hunt Hill Farm proved to be the perfect environment for this project.

This summer, building off the foundation of last year’s vehicle, students will work together to improve the design and functionality of the large wheeled robot. The focus will be on communications and command-and-control, with the goal of making a robust vehicle capable of navigating its environment, while also carrying equipment to collect environmental data.

The project will emphasize discovery, problem solving and teamwork and the group will work together to accomplish the following project goals:

– Learn to operate the vehicle by remote and autonomous control, and perform several basic maneuvers and simple missions

– Build and test a communication network to include several stationary and vehicle mounted transceivers.

– Strategize how to add the sensors, data collection, and communication systems needed for the robot to work with the control station.




Aug 08 - 12 2022


9:00 am - 3:00 pm


The Silo
Hunt Hill Farm