Volunteer Opportunities


We have many and widely varied opportunities for volunteering where your time will make a very big, visible and rewarding impact. We are in greatest need of help on a volunteer basis but do have limited ability for paid assistants. However, we generally ask for 10 hours of volunteer time before any time on a paid basis. if interested, please send a note to info@www.roboticsandbeyond.org.

  • Coordinator for merit badge workshops for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. We badly need coordinators for both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to reply to inquiries from troops and individuals, contact regional troops about possible interest, schedule the workshops and help schedule adult and student-instructors for the workshops. The coordinators could be adults alone or with scout assistants. This may also be an excellent topic for an Eagle or Gold Scout project.
  • Elementary Education Assistants to help during After School Robotics sessions 4-6pm on Tuesdays or Thursdays. This is a great opportunity for adults or college or high school students interested in technology subjects for grades 2-8 and gaining experience with new and effective projects for the classroom.
  • Helpers at Minecraft Game Nights to just be on hand, pick up pizza and lock up at the end. The student game operators do most of the work. Adults or college students only.
  • Mentors for Maker Faire or Science Fair projects. High school or college students or adults to help students develop their idea and assist during the project construction phase. Typically a 6-12 week project but attendance at each session is not necessary.
  • Creators and instructors for workshops or multi-session classes in topics of personal interest that fit our mix of subjects. High school and college students and adults.
  • Administrative Aide to learn our various correspondence needs and become able to handle some routine communications with parents and students.
  • Accounting Aide to enter income and expenses into Quickbooks each month and possibly run simple reports. Experience with Quickbooks or another accounting software system is not necessary but will be extremely helpful.
  • Facilities improvement and upkeep. Minor repair jobs (mainly carpentry-related). Help design and put in place things like shelves or install new equipment from time to time such as a Smartboard.
  • Coordinator for advertising and helping to staff Open House events