Suggested Reading

We’ve gathered a list of articles and interesting websites covering many topics that might interest you, such as the importance of STEM education for K-12 students, college readiness, coding, and more.

Manufacturing Definitions. A pretty good list of modern terms and meanings used in manufacturing workplaces. Helpful for STEM students interested in a manufacturing career just to browse, or for those just starting out in a job. Provided by PropelPLM.

Teaching STEM … It’s About Trial and Error, Doing Things & Watching Them Not Work – it’s how we (Robotics And Beyond) roll

The Boy Electrician by Alfred P. Morgan (1913 copyright) – an introduction to electricity and magnetism from a time when you could still build things at home

Teachers aren’t losers. They’re lifesavers. (4/1/19)

Skills for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4/1/19)

The STEM Skills That Turn Engineers Into Entrepreneurs

These are the 5 “super skills” you need for jobs of the future

Bucking Trend, 9 In 10 With Autism Land Jobs After Training

Engineering Careers

21st Century Trade Skills

A Working Education

mikeroweWORKS Foundation – Founded by Mike Rowe of the Dirty Jobs tv show. This site offers scholarships for individuals who are seeking training in the tech/vocational fields.

How to filter talents to the trades – Great insight to the importance of making traditional and 21st century trade skills as much of an option as our current, common approach to education.

Book: Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry into the Value of Work, by Matthew B. Crawford. All about how hands-on activities and work, whether for meditation and relaxation or as the method of actual work, enables the mind to be much more creative in many people.

The One Job Interview Skill In Short Supply, According To Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe

How origami influences engineering:

Soft Robots Acquire Origami Skeletons for Super-Strength

The Origami Revolution – from PBS’ Nova

Learn from projects that fail

Here’s why kids fall behind in science

How to Raise a Creative Child

How to Save Science

The Robotics Institute Carnegie Mellon – Learn more about robotics and programming of robots – tutorials and more to promote coding and computer science




A great introduction to Swift, the language of Apple’s iOS and all iOS apps. Not only a skill in high demand, but a new and important link in the chain of all programming languages.

An excellent resource for the Apple iOS programming language SWIFT. The piece is written for educators but parents or older students with personal interest or coding experience will find it to be very valuable.

The most valuable coding languages in 2020. (Robotics And Beyond was already on this path several years ago but it’s good to see agreement!)

This Forbes article is 6 years old so the conclusion about JavaScript is somewhat out of date. However it gives great perspective about the language and interesting commentary following the article.

Khan Academy

Robot Virtual Worlds

JASON Learning – This website connects youth with inspiring science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) role models via a live, interactive webcast series.

beanz: Kids, Code, and Computer Science Magazine

Kid’s Online Learning Tools

Tinkering – a great site recommended by a 10 year old girl scout

Software Programming And Coding For Kids

Technology Education Lab (see all tabs on homepage)

ComputerScienceOnline – excellent website for your children to learn about computer science before college

How Programming Languages Quietly Run the World with Dr. Ben Zorn

How computers work – videos from featuring Bill Gates and others

Wanna Teach Kids to Code? Keep It Out of the Classroom

Which coding language is right for you?