History, Mission, Approach and Impact


Robotics And Beyond is a 501(c)3 educational organization founded in 2003 and focused on science, technology, engineering, science and mathematics (STEM) and design. The founders, staff and volunteers share decades of industrial and teaching experience in a multitude of STEM and design disciplines. We share a passion for encouraging and supporting the next generation of technologists, scientists, and creative thinkers. We serve over 300 youth and adults in summer and year-round programs from over 50 towns, three states and a 60 mile radius. Our programs serve K-12, college and alternative students, adults and teachers. We have found great success with individuals having special learning needs.

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In everything we do, we believe in the genius of young minds, the natural talents and potential of every human being, and our desire to discover and develop our greatest talents and lead fulfilling and happy lives.

In the fields of technology, science, engineering and design, we support young people and adults with opportunities to discover talents, develop skills, and envision careers and education paths to their futures. We do this in an environment that embraces setbacks, critical thinking, creativity and non-typical learners and provides outstanding role models, leadership experience, confidence and career opportunities.

We strive to help young people thrive in the technological world they encounter, think and communicate effectively, create passionately, enjoy accomplishments, pursue fulfilling careers, give back, and become models for future generations.


We integrate broad ranges of age, interest, ability, and learning style, yielding impressive results and synergies. Students find a freedom to explore original ideas, fail and try again, and respectful critiques by peers. Barriers between ages, towns, schools, interests and abilities disappear.

We utilize projects and resources relevant to careers and education paths to those careers, and perspective on careers and education options. Peer mentoring and Internship programs have provided invaluable learning and teaching experience for middle school, high school and college students. Peer mentoring is often cited by parents and students as the single most important and valuable experience of their pre-college years.

Impact 2004 – 2018

  • Volunteer hours 22,800 (adults), 12,200 (students)
  • Students Served 2,800
  • Student hours in classes 49,600
  • Peer Mentors 130, Teaching hours 15,600
  • Internships provided 18
  • Towns Served 50+

Impact (Personal aspects)

  • Transformative experiences reported by students, parents, grandparents.
  • Students discover talents, interests, confidence, peer relationships.
  • Mentors discover challenge and reward of teaching.
  • Interns work deep into interests yielding direction, college and job opportunities.
  • Special Needs Students: Safe, inspiring, compatible, empathetic environment.
  • Projects that match talents and needs.
  • Relief and gratitude from parents desperate for resources.

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