Community Sourced Education

You probably know about CSA – Community Sourced Agriculture – as a means of providing high quality, locally grown foods. These farms aim to provide as many options as possible to augment traditional food production methods and distribution channels. Knowing where and how your food is grown, by who and for what motivation, and being able to see the fields and facilities creates value of tremendous importance to its subscribers who often travel many miles to take advantage of what is offered. CSA operators and volunteers often come from widely varied backgrounds, many of which are far removed from agriculture or livestock.

Robotics And Beyond has evolved into what we consider a novel and excellent resource we think of as Community Sourced Education. The ground we cultivate are fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and design. We are led and staffed by individuals with long experience in those fields who share a passion for passing on their perspective, experience and skills to new generations. Our community of providers extends across 70 years, from retired and current professionals and scientists to college and high school students to peer mentors in elementary and middle school. Our community of students ranges from young and older adults seeking new or updated skills to high school grades through kindergarten. Our users travel from up to 60 miles for year round and summer programs because of the originality of our approach, depth of topic knowledge, and perspective on tools and skills that are most relevant to higher education and careers in the fields we tend.

We provide the relationships and impact that only a physical address and personal interaction can offer. We apply those attributes and values while incorporating effective online-only resources from other organizations. We are continually adapting to the emergence of new tools and methods being adopted by industry and institutions of higher learning.

We hope you will discover how we can help fill your needs. We hope you will consider supporting our mission through any of many possible ways and will gladly meet to discuss your needs or how you might contribute.