Engineers Week 2024

Engineers Week 2024

“Welcome to the Future” is the theme for this year’s Engineers Week, held February 18-24. Let’s inspire the next generation of engineers to make a difference.

Engineering is exciting, world-changing, collaborative, and creative! It’s open to everyone. Engineering is a great outlet for the imagination—the perfect field for independent thinkers – and is a well-paying profession.

The Engineering Design Process:

  1. Identify the problem/Ask questions
  2. Brainstorm ideas
  3. Create/Design the solution
  4. Build, test, evaluate
  5. Improve and redesign if needed

Failures happen and are expected! Engineers expect to learn from their mistakes.

Hands-on engineering activities.

Learn about careers in all engineering fields.

Engineering is absolutely for girls, too! Check out the Engineer Girl website.

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