Give Local 2024

Give Local 2024

April 24 & 25: Give Local, 36 Hour Campaign for Non-Profits!

During the 2024 Give Local event, you can help Robotics And Beyond achieve the two goals of our Vision 2040 campaign.

  • Be a new donor in our quest for 200 different supporters (now at 139)
  • Move $5,000 closer to our campaign goal of $80,000  (now at $47,197)

2023 was our 20th year. To celebrate, we launched Vision 2040, a campaign to prepare Robotics And Beyond for another 20 years and help a new generation of young people to discover their greatest talents and prepare for exciting and fulfilling futures. Our goal of 200 individual donors will demonstrate loyal, grassroots support to potential high-level foundation and corporate donors. Our goal of $80,000 will allow us to add new staff members crucial to our growth and long-term presence, and increase our scale and impact in summer camps and year-round programs.

If you have already donated to our Vision 2040 campaign, you can get us closer to our $80,000 goal. If you have not yet donated, you can help us in both goals!

At Robotics And Beyond, we believe in the genius and potential of all young minds, and their desire to discover and develop their greatest talents and lead fulfilling and happy lives.

From 7 am on Wednesday, April 24th to 7 pm on Thursday, April 25th visit our Give Local profile page. Multiply your impact by creating a peer-to-peer fundraiser event. Check out the entire list of non-profits taking part that are so critical to our communities, including over 30 from New Milford alone.


Gratefully yours,

Paul Chayka

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