Tuition Assistance

Robotics And Beyond

We encourage you to ask about tuition assistance if you need it. Our tuition charge is one half to one third the cost of most camps around the country that target high-level engineering and science but this cost is still beyond the reach of some families. We work hard to ensure that no student is prevented from attending due to cost. We obtain support from area companies and organizations, and split this funding among those who request financial aid help.

Our tuition assistance for camp can help cover costs for one week of camp only.

Please download our Tuition Assistance Form.

Many towns have organizations that provide help with camp costs, such as Rotary and Lions Clubs, PTO, library and others. For New Milford residents only, one organization is MVP-SOS (see details below). Inquire at your town’s social services or youth agency about the new “United Way ALICE Enrichment Fund.” We strongly suggest that you submit requests for camp tuition help to these organizations. Students with special learning needs and gifted designations often are eligible for camp tuition help through their schools.


MVP-SOS accepts applications for funding of New Milford children in grades K12 that have financial need. Please download the updated application form at The first two pages of the parents or guardians most recent tax return must be submitted with the application to be considered for funding. They no longer accept the school lunch assistance letter.

Currently they fund 50% of registration fees for qualifying applicants. They do not cover late fees, equipment, or uniforms. They fund local New Milford organizations, such as Robotics And Beyond, that offer children programs in sports, arts, and education during the 3 seasons of the school year. They have a limit of $300 per program, and a $500 limit per child per year.

If approved they will mail a MVP-SOS voucher to the parent, made out to the requested organization offering the program.  This voucher is then signed and submitted by the parent to the organization during their registration period. At the end of the registration period the organization will mail all vouchers that have been received and their total due to MVP-SOS, Po Box 1146. Their treasurer will then send the organization a check for the total amount.

Please allow at least 30 days for application review prior to registration deadline. All questions relating to applications can be sent to

Please keep in mind, all MVP-SOS members are volunteers and will do their best to respond in a timely manner.