Learn to Code with Java

Learn to Code with Java

Welcome to Robotics And Beyond’s Java Coding blog!

Java is a widely used language for many server and web applications and is also the basis for Advanced Placement (AP) programming and computer science classes in high school and many college classes. It is the most popular programming language for running the operations of businesses, schools and other organizations and is used on more than one billion devices worldwide. Java is more challenging to learn as a first language than Python but is more valuable for long-term involvement with coding, learning other languages and understanding how different languages work together in a single software program or platform.

Read the installation instructions to download the Java software.

This blog consists of a two-part tutorial.

Part 1 gets you started with writing your first Java program – the ubiquitous “Hello World”. Download the Java Part 1 tutorial.

Part 2 introduces you to variables and scanners. Download the Java Part 2 tutorial.

Also, check out the video on Java Basic Keywords in our 11th issue of the Robotics And Beyond Toolkit Newsletter.

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