Registration is open for our 2020 Virtual Summer Camp

Registration is open for our 2020 Virtual Summer Camp

We’re back for our 17th summer season!
No virus can stop us. We’re taking our great topics ONLINE!


Ages 5-18

Week-long topics from June 22 through August 14, scheduled between 9am and 4pm, including some self directed topics.

Ages 5-7 receive a kit of supplies and a written guide to a weeks-worth of great activities that will inspire imaginations and teach important concepts and promote hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills.This topic involves no online instruction but we invite photos of projects to post on our website.

Ages 8-18 will have over 20, week-long topics in Java, Python, Scratch, 3D modeling and printing, graphic design, animation, robotics, engineering design challenges, game design and Minecraft world building. Topics in coding, 3D modeling, animation and game design include levels for advanced high school students and early college or career training.

Topics for ages 8-18 involve online instruction by our great peer-mentor staff. We will use tools like ZOOM, Discord and Google Classroom while maintaining our legacy for the caring, engaging, and personal interaction that has made our programs so popular and successful. For a given week, individual topics are held at the same time each day plus extended, daytime support by chat or email. The topic of robotics includes written and online guidance and challenges, and a loaner kit of parts to be used anytime. The topic in engineering design challenges includes a kit of materials and daily interaction as a class, plus individual work at anytime during or after the week of class. In all topics, students will have all the resources needed to continue their exploration outside of the class times and be able to ask all the questions they want by chat or email.

Please visit our Summer Camp page to read all of our camp details. It’s going to be an awesome summer!

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