LEGO Master Builder Challenges

LEGO Master Builder Challenges

Show your talent, imagination and creativity!

See what you can create to meet the challenge of each week that school is out.

During each week we will post the photos we receive for all projects for the challenge of that week. Make as many projects as you want and send photos of them all!

Send a photo of your creation to


We’ve been busy with our COVID-19 response effort and apologize for not posting any recent challenges. However, LEGO has been offering their own challenges, so please check out their website.

LEGO Let’s Build Together

LEGO Master Builder Challenge #2

Duplo challenge: create any kind of tree (examples pine, Baobab, redwood).

LEGO challenge: create an amusement park ride (it doesn’t need to move but extra applause if it does). Examples – Tea Cups, roller coaster, Hammer, Free fall, merry go round, pendulum, bumper cars.

LEGO Master Builder Challenge #1

Build any animal of your choice using any LEGO pieces you have available. Bionicle parts are allowed. The animal can be one that lives on land or in water, that walks, swims or flies.

Send us your ideas for other building challenges! Just use the comment box below. Please enter your name (first and last initials only or first name and last initial only) but DO NOT enter an email address or website. These comments are public!

Send photos of any other LEGO or Duplo project you have made and a description, and we will share them with other builders and on Instagram. They will be stored in this public folder. Be sure you give your file a title you want to be seen in the folder.

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  1. Challenge #2 is on! Read the top of the blog.

  2. We’ve received the first photo of our challenge #1 (to be uploaded soon). Who else is building??

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