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At its core, Step Turn And Learn ™ is a simple card game. It is an introduction to logical thinking, planning, and organization.

Step Turn And Learn ™ is designed for children in Pre-K through 4th grades. It is a fantastic introduction to STEM learning for young students.

Step Turn And Learn ™ encourages a multi-intelligence approach to teaching robotics and computer programming by engaging every type of learner: kinesthetic, aural, verbal, visual, interpersonal, intrapersonal, etc.

Step Turn And Learn ™ cards are sturdy, waterproof, and washable! They are easy to use, colorful, and fun.

Robotics as a subject is rarely taught or offered to children under the age of ten, and computer programming is not usually on a student’s academic radar until middle school or high school. Robotics and computer programming can be quite complex and, depending on how they are introduced, many students can be intimidated by the subjects, lose interest, or turn away even when they have interest. Waiting until a child is “old enough” to grasp fundamental robotics and programming concepts, may result in the loss of valuable time when children are curious, interested and eager to learn.

After a decade of introducing students to robotics and its many collateral disciplines in our camps, classes and programs, the curriculum developers at Robotics And Beyond designed this lower school tool as a gentle introduction to the fundamental concepts associated with robotics and computer programming.

Step Turn And Learn ™ provides students in grades PreK – 4 with an opportunity to learn, explore, and understand robotics, computers, and computer programming by actively participating in “writing” programs and carrying them out. It will take students from simple concepts to actual robotic vehicles and basic computer programs.

Classroom Set
Classroom Kit includes:

  • 12 sets of a 36-card deck
  • 25 tiles
  • 1 Teachers Guide

Recommended for use with up to 24 students

Classroom Kit $250.00

1-2 Player Kit
1- & 2-Player Starter Kit includes:

  • 1 set of a 36-card deck
  • 25 tiles
  • 1 Teachers Guide

Recommended for use with up to 1 – 2 students

Starter Kit $40.00

1-2 Player Set
Individual Card Set includes:

  • one 36-card deck
  • Teachers Guide

Recommended for use with 1 – 2 students

Card Set $20.00   

Tile Set includes:

  • one set of 25 tiles

Tile Set $20.00   

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