Thank You Give Local 2020 Supporters!

Thank You Give Local 2020 Supporters!

In this time of crisis we saw a 50% increase in both total donations and number of donors compared with the last 2 years.

Robotics And Beyond donations:

$4,140 plus estimated $300 in matching funds, a 55% increase over the average received over the last 4 years in this event! A record 43 individual donors, 16 more than the prior record of 27, and 8 donors who contributed twice.

Totals for the Greater Waterbury and Litchfield Hills region:

$1,804,309 in total donations, from 6,463 donors for 250 non-profits. That is $422,692 (30%) above the previous record from 2018 and a 44% increase in number of donors.

Our entire purpose is to help young people to discover their talents and envision fulfilling careers and futures, and it is gratifying and energizing to us when we see your support.

Thank you again!

Paul Chayka

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