How our donors and volunteers are helping to provide PPE

How our donors and volunteers are helping to provide PPE


Many hospitals and other health care facilities and emergency response units in CT, NY and NJ are still desperate for face masks, face shields and other protective equipment. Robotics And Beyond is supporting the network of PPE production and distribution (CT-PPE) created and coordinated by Danbury Hackerspace. This effort has produced well over 1000 face shields. We are coordinating and enlisting contributors from Litchfield County and our entire network.

Robotics And Beyond is directly buying materials for 3D printing of parts and assembly of PPE, printing components for face shields, sharing printing supplies with other printers, aligning our efforts with Danbury Hackerspace/CT-PPE priorities, setting up drop-box locations for transport of parts from our network to Danbury for assembly and of finished PPE to destinations.

Component parts that we are producing or buying for assembly of finished PPE include: plastic filament for 3D printing, 3D printed face shield headbands, plastic rivets for face shield assembly. Other parts being made by DHS: elastic straps, laser-cut elastic connectors and clear face shields, assembly of face shields.

PPE is going to COVID-19 treatment centers at all regional hospitals in CT (New Milford, Danbury, Waterbury, Stamford and others), and NY (Elmhurst, St. Vincents, and Montefiore); OB-GYN and birthing units; family medical practices, police and fire departments; EMT response teams; Eldercare facilities.

We especially want to acknowledge our Robotics And Beyond staff, student volunteers, adult volunteers, and financial donors. Students Maxwell R. and Ryan F. have already produced over 100 headbands that have been assembled into face shields and were put into use within 2 days of being printed.

Learn more about the CT-PPE project.

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