On GivingTuesday – November 28, 2023  – the whole world comes together to give back in many different ways: through acts of kindness, gifts of voice, time, talent, or treasure.

Please consider making a donation to Robotics And Beyond to help us continue our work in STEM & Design education.


Nov 28 2023


All Day

Welcome to our first-ever, major funding campaign!


Help us celebrate 20 years of helping an entire generation of young people to discover talents and pursue inspiring futures, serving over 3,000 individuals and families.


Our campaign goals from October through December:

- To receive donations of $25 or more from 200 alumni, parents and other stakeholders to demonstrate how much our impact is valued.

- Obtain $80,000 in commitments for 2024, from sustaining donors, to launch our plan for the next 20 years.


Financial donations are just one form of support.

- Help connect us to others who understand and value our mission and vision.

- Volunteer your time

- Advocate for our work at your employer, for internships and sponsorships

- Promote our mission and programs within your personal and professional networks




We are here to help your kids discover their talents and start applying STEM principles and problem solving in everyday life. This is your chance to help us raise another generation of independent thinkers. DONATE TODAY to help us maintain our classes, provide necessary training to our young mentors, and ensure access to all. Together we help keep this community educated and help our children build a better future for everyone.